San Jose Carpet Cleaning - All You Need To Know

By Lewis Anderson

Question: How long does the actual carpet cleaning process take long? Answer- Well, depending on the severity of dirt, amount of furniture that needs to be moved, specialty procedures, and actual time, San Jose Carpet Cleaning will cover approximately 600 square feet in a single hour.

Q: How long will it take before cleaned carpets will be able to handle traffic? A:In general, pets. Kids and any heavy traffic must be kept off of the carpets while still drying. An estimated 1 day waiting period will be enough, before tabs and blocks covering carpets, can be removed. Some types of carpets may feel wet or damp for up to' hours. This will of course depend entirely on carpet type and muck severity.

Questions: Will you move furniture? Answer- San Jose Carpet Cleaning packages usually includes movement of the majority of furniture in specifically main living areas. Heavy furniture as well as beds and dressers are left in place.

Additional fees will be charged should any heavy furniture require moving. China cabinets, entertainment units, musical instruments and other items of valuables will also remain in place for liability reasons.

Question: Can you heavy furniture indents be fixed?- Answer: Unfortunately, no sure-fire guarantee can be made on heavy furniture indent removal. In addition to the carpet pile being crushed, the actual backing may also be indented. Heat, moisture, and hand grooming with special equipment may help, but it will take a while to return to normal, if ever. Severe indentation will be permanent.

Q: How frequently should I have my carpets cleaned?- A: You've just asked one of the most frequently asked San Jose Carpet Cleaning question on the face of this earth! Cleaning frequency will vary from one home to the other, depending on the number of occupants and amount of traffic. Carpets should preferably be clean minimum once a year. Detergent residue in the carpet fibers is the greatest cause of carpet re-soiling at an increased pace. Pro carpet cleaning services employ thorough cleaning techniques that have an extra rinse step after pre-spraying step, allowing for super deep penetration to remove dirt while leaving no trace of detergent behind, in turn decelerating the re-soiling process.

A couple of factors contribute to a need to increase cleaning frequency. These factors include smoking, kids' ages and quantity, dirt conditions, levels of humidity, occupant's health status, allergic reactions, and pets' quantity and type. Increased traffic in an area will require four-monthly cleaning, while lower traffic areas may only require cleaning every' months. - 30558

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