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By Jim Antonio

Does your child seem to prefer tumbling to the other side of the room rather than walking? Do you see him doing handsprings and cartwheels? Is your teenager interested in joining the tryouts for the school cheer leading team next year? Perhaps you should consider having your child try gymnastics San Antonio style this year.

Not everyone can bring themselves to do cartwheels. The same goes for handstands. So when you see this kind of talent in one of your children, it is a hint that maybe the world of gymnastics is for you and your child.

A child can already be introduced to the exciting world of gymnastics as soon as he starts to walk. Initially, motor skills and hand and eye coordination are developed. As soon as the child is able to learn additional skills, he is taught the basics of gymnastics. You see him do handstands more and more, which will eventually evolve into front and back walkovers. As he progresses, more challenging skills such as front pike somersaults will be taught. For sure, you will be just as proud as the parents of those who represent the country when you first see your child effortlessly tossing and flipping in the air.

There are seven types of gymnastics. The Women and Mens Artistic Gymnastics are the most common; and then Trampoline, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Tumbling, Acrobatic and Group Gymnastics.

Acrobatic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics are the more different ones compared to the other forms of gymnastics. They are not what first come to mind when the word gymnastics is heard. There are no bars or vaults involved in their routines. Acrobatic gymnasts rely solely on themselves to show off their strength and flawless communication whenever they throw and catch each other in the air. In comparison, Rhythmic Gymnastics will make you hold your breath in awe as you watch them move about in amazing synchronization with one another.

San Antonio houses several gymnastics schools. You can probably leave your kid to train for an hour or two while you go out to buy grocery. Some schools will have scheduled classes that will accommodate parent and kid. If your child gets his education, so can gymnastics be taught at home.

Before deciding where to enroll, check out the facilities. Get a trial class. This way, you get a feel of the place. You can also check how the toddler likes his teacher. If the school or center does not offer trial classes for free, find another center. In case you have a mobile office, look for a gym that has free WiFi. Hourly rates for open gym are from $2 to 4$. This is important because you child will have to practice.

If you feel you want to be part of the world of gymnastics San Antonio is one good place to start. Join after school classes and summer camps. Your child will not only learn new gymnastics skills, but also interpersonal skills which he will be using all though his life. He will learn how to handle both success and defeat; and learn to stand up and get ready for the next challenge. In the end, whether your child chooses to pursue it professionally or not, the values and skills he will have learned are priceless. - 30558

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