Houston Garage Door Repair Before You Call For Help

By Leon Tolstoy

If you have a sectional garage door, chances are that one day you will walk out, push the button to open the door and wait while nothing happens. You can look around and there do not seem to be loose parts lying around on the floor but it is not working. Before you call for Houston Garage door repair service company, here are a few steps that might save you a service call.

The first step is to look and see if something may have been misplaced in the garage. A garden tool could have fallen and be leaning on the door. Something could have been stacked so that it interferes with the light safety sensor. A tool hanging on the wall could be caught in the door. If you move these items, your garage door may start working as quickly as it stopped.

Do not forget to check your circuit breakers. There may have been a power overload that has thrown a circuit breaker. Follow the directions in the breaker box to reset the thrown circuit breaker. Check the garage door opener for a reset button and press that button also.

If this does not solve the problem, then make sure that all the garage door bolts are tightened. They vibrate loose after years of use and this can cause the door to bind and not open. Replace any missing nuts or bolts. If a hinge is very loose, reposition it so that the hinge is centered over the joint between the door panels.

Also, check the door tracks and be sure that they are still bolted securely at both the ceiling and the wall.

Check and lubricate the pulleys. Use household oil or a special garage door lubricant to lubricate pulleys.

Check each of the rollers. Their metal shaft needs to move freely in the hinges. Especially check the lowest rollers. They are subject to more rust and dirt than others. Lubricate using the garage door lubricant. If they are frozen with rust, replace these rollers. Check the rollers for binding as you open and close the garage door manually. If any are binding and lubrication does not seem to help, change them.

If none of these possible solutions repairs your garage door, it is time to call for help. Do not try to adjust or replace the garage door springs yourself, as this is a dangerous job that should be reserved for the pro. The repair company can tell you if the spring just needs to be tightened or if it should be replaced.

When your garage door does not work correctly, you can be left out in the cold. Houston garage door repair companies will be glad to give you the assistance you need to get that door opening and closing again. - 30558

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