The Best Gymnastics San Antonio Has To Offer

By Jim Antonio

Do your six year olds refer to tumble their way to almost every corner in the house? Or have they been showing off cartwheels which you never even taught them in the first place? Has your thirteen year old recently expressed interest in joining the next school cheer leading tryouts? If you feel that, it is time you introduce your kid to gymnastics San Antonio has a lot to offer.

Why not? Gymnastics has been around for decades. Would you not be proud to be in the shoes of the parents of Shawn Johnson and her teammates who won several medals for the country during the last Olympics? Alaina Johnson of the National Team is from San Antonio herself.

A child can already be introduced to the exciting world of gymnastics as soon as he starts to walk. Initially, motor skills and hand and eye coordination are developed. As soon as the child is able to learn additional skills, he is taught the basics of gymnastics. You see him do handstands more and more, which will eventually evolve into front and back walkovers. As he progresses, more challenging skills such as front pike somersaults will be taught. For sure, you will be just as proud as the parents of those who represent the country when you first see your child effortlessly tossing and flipping in the air.

Gymnastics is subdivided into seven types. These are Womens Artistic Gymnastics, Mens Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymnastics and Group Gymnastics.

Of the seven types of gymnastics, the most common are the two Artistic Gymnastics. Acrobatic Gymnastics is basically what you see during cheering competitions. There are no apparatuses used. The gymnasts do handstands and balances on each other; and also throw and catch one another. Rhythmic Gymnastics allows one to showcase not only his or her talent in gymnastics but talents in ballet and theatrical dance as well. If your child loves tossing and turning in the air, you may want to let him eventually master the Trampoline and Tumbling.

There are many gymnastics schools in San Antonio. You may want to drop by one of them on your way home from work; or bring your child along this coming weekend. There are schools that allow parent and child have back to back classes if you prefer to workout instead of just wait for your child.

When on your way checking out the perfect place for your child to learn gymnastics, the first thing to check is the availability of a trial class. This gives the child a feel of the place, the people and the sport. Find a place where you can watch your child train; while also having WiFi available in case you are waiting for an important email. There are also open gyms where you can have your child practice what she learned during her last class. Hourly rates range from two to four dollars.

If you feel you want to be part of the world of gymnastics San Antonio is one good place to start. Join after school classes and summer camps. Your child will not only learn new gymnastics skills, but also interpersonal skills which he will be using all though his life. He will learn how to handle both success and defeat; and learn to stand up and get ready for the next challenge. In the end, whether your child chooses to pursue it professionally or not, the values and skills he will have learned are priceless. - 30558

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