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By Terence Tesoriero

If you want to lose weight San Antonio Bariatric surgeons can help you on that .They offer surgery operation that will limit the food you eat. Expect amazing results and different life after the surgery. After deciding that you should undergo bariatric surgery, you may ask yourself what I should do next.

First, consult with a bariatric surgeon of San Antonio to determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery. This consultation will determine if your weight level is such to warrant the surgery - a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more is usually required. Also, the doctor will determine if you are healthy enough in other factors, such as blood pressure, heart functionality, and others, to withstand the surgery. Some bariatric surgeries are, after all, invasive surgery.

In addition, your consultation with a Texas bariatric surgeon will help you understand more about the surgery. There are several types of bariatric surgery, but three are the most common and recommended by the American Medical Association: the gastric sleeve procedure, LAP-Band(R) surgery, and the gastric bypass surgery. You will also get answers to questions you have regarding which surgery is ideal for you, how long your recovery time will be for your particular kind of bariatric surgery, what your dietary guidelines will be after surgery, what other health benefits you may expect after surgery, and how much weight you will lose.

Did you know that Bariatric surgery does not only give weight loss benefit? According to medical researches bariatric surgery can repeal early type -2 diabetes. And not only that, it is also proven that weight loss reduces cancer risks by up to 50%. Effects on sleeping patterns may also be positively affected and will help you get a good sleep and the surgery may recover hypertension. Normally, a Bariatric surgery is performed one to four hours under general anesthesia, depending on the particular kind of surgery.

Expect a happy life and more fit body when the surgery and recovery treatment is finished. The recovery treatment will limit your food intake and you will be given special diet which is more on concentrated fluids. Such special diet is intended to heal your gastro-intestinal tract after the surgery in which takes couple of days. The second stage in healing your stomach will involve a soft diet like pureed foods, skim milk, soups, or mashed potatoes. Most likely protein "rich food is suggested by your physician and advise you to avoid carbohydrates foods .In this case, your bariatric surgeon will also propose more vitamin consumption. Such minor diet adjustments are necessary because your stomach is in the process of healing and forcing yourself to eat many amount of food may cause nausea and throwing up.

Bariatric surgeries usually cost around $15,000 to $40,000 and includes all the pre-surgery labwork and testing, the actual surgery, and the post surgery checkups and labwork. However, you may expect to pay more for some post surgery consultations such as recommendations for a specific dietary plan, a fitness regimen, and a behavior modification plan with a counselor, vitamins, and body modification surgeries to remove excess skin. You can readily see that while bariatric surgery is common and becoming a much more pedestrian procedure, it still requires consistent and constant monitoring of the patient. That should not indicate to you any inherent increased danger; rather it should give you certain degree of peace of mind considering that the pre and post surgery will be so well monitored.

Bariatric surgery has gained notable reputation among health insurance providers in fact they are now including weight loss procedure to their covered insurance plans. However, few health insurance companies don't think the same. After consulting Texas bariatric surgeon and after finding out you are eligible for bariatric surgery, the physician can recommend your service provider for the coverage of the said operation. If the health provider disapproved your request, it cant stop you if you're really willing, bariatric surgeons of San Antonio suggests payment plans. - 30558

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