Enjoy the Great Outdoors in the Texas Hill Country

By Stephen Daniels

There is no place that better shows off the rugged individual life style of America than the Texas Hill Country. Its unique weather, limestone hills, mysterious caverns, and refreshing streams and rivers have made it a favored tourist site. It is a melting pot of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Those seeking to live in the Texas hill country region will be happy with the variety of ways to express themselves as a home owner in this beautiful area.

Texas Hill Country weather is pleasant year round. For fans of outdoor activities, this is a perfect place. While summers do get hot, they usually lack the humidity that plagues much of the rest of the southern region. This allows you to basque in the hot sun with a cool breeze blowing; free of the sticky fatigue of the damp air of other locations. If you want to live somewhere that allows you to savor the beauty of nature all year long, Texas Hill Country is the place to be.

Much of Hill Country remains in a beautiful natural state. It is the ideal place to establish a cattle ranch, go hunting, explore rivers and caves, take hiking trips, or any of the other activities a fan of the great outdoors might enjoy. Small towns in the more rural areas maintain the old traditions of America's past.

However, Texas Hill Country is not just for the fans of rural life. Austin and San Antonio are two of the most alive and creative cities in America. Austin, Texas is well known as a cultural center. The music scene is unique and legendary. South by Southwest is a trendsetting music festival that often launches the careers of major stars. These cities are a melting pot of cultures. San Antonio is home to the world famous Alamo, a symbol of the independent spirit of Texas. Spanish and Central European cultures unite here to form a region specific influence on food, music, language, and tradition. Top colleges and hospitals are within a short drive of any property in the area. The beauty of nature and convenience of the modern city are both close by in this marvelous location.

This legendary region has attracted many wealthy people who have built ranches for retirement. It is considered one of the best places in the country to spend your golden years. Tourism thrives year-round; some consider it the best tourist location in America. The exciting, hip youth culture of Austin and San Antonio also makes it attractive for young people who are looking to relocate to this area.

If you are in pursuit of property, you might want to consider a Texas hill country estate. Property is affordable here. Costs of living are lower in this area than in many other areas of the country. The natural experience is unbelievable. You can have the beautiful ranch life under the big Texas sky with convenient access to two major cities. It is a gorgeous merger of the haunting beauty of America's past with the diverse variety of the future. For your next real estate buy, Texas Hill Country is an excellent choice. - 30558

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