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By Evans Johnson

In the field of bariatric medicine, San Antonio, Texas is highly reputable for its proficient health facilities. Experienced and professional physicians comprises these medical facilities who have devout their whole medical career in the field of weight loss medicine for the treatment of those suffering from obesity. Today, people with severe obesity and suffering from weight problem assemble here to search for cure to make a happy living. Bariatric surgery is only intended for people with severe obesity problems and should not be misguided for beauty purposes. People with severe obesity are the only eligible to undertake a bariatric surgery.

The United States Food and Drugs Authority allowed two medical procedures that are favored by the majority of doctors and their patients. The most ideal procedure is the Lap band (Laparoscopic Gastric Band) and the other is Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y).

The Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) is the second most preferred bariatric surgery which involves cutting and stapling of the stomach and lower intestines. This is far more different from lap band surgery. In this procedure, small pouch is created from a part of the stomach and the larger portion of the stomach is stapled. Normally, the section of the stomach attached to the large intestines is redirected to the lower intestines. In this case the amount of food that can be digested will be minimal at will be at once. The effects of this procedure will be loss of appetite and eventually limits the persons food consumption. The person will feel less hungry since the cutting and stapling are already applied

There are two sizes available. The standard band is the more commonly used by physicians but in some extreme cases of obesity, a surgeon will consider the large band, to obtain maximum weight loss.

Lap band procedure has little possibility of side effects and mortality cases, compared to gastric bypass surgery. Excessive weight loss can lead to hair loss as a side effect however lap band procedure has lessened this effect.

These lap bands have two sizes on hand. Most physicians used standard band which is applicable for not serious obesity however, large bands are used for exceptional obesity to increase weight loss effects.

The band is placed around a small portion of the patients stomach, creating a small pouch which assumes the function of the original stomach. The band can be inflated or deflated according to the needs of the patient. Also, the small pouch that is created by the Lap Band limits food intake and calories, causing weight loss. The second most favorable bariatric surgery is the Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) which involves cutting and stapling of the stomach and lower intestines. A small pouch is created from a portion of the stomach and the larger portion of the stomach is stapled. The section of the stomach that is normally attached to the larger intestines is re-routed to the lower intestines. This procedure reduces the amount of food that can be digested at one time and is more invasive than the Lap Band procedure. It diminishes the appetite and limits a persons intake of food by great proportions. Because of the cutting and stapling, the nerves are desensitize, which causes the patient to feel less hungry for extended periods of time.

A common side effect associated with Roux-en-Y surgery is dumping. Dumping is when food passes through the intestines to quickly, which often leads to severe cramping. This is because food is routed directly to the small intestines.

Patients may experience throwing up that is an effect with Roux-en-Y surgery. This usually happens because the stomach needs to adjust to its new passage route since the food is redirected to small intestines. Getting 100 pounds of body weight in three months is exceptional. However, once the stomach heals the normal appetite will go back .When this happens; there will more nutrients to enter the body. However, the amount of food consumption is still controlled. Little by little weight loss will decrease however will continue losing weight for months. Within this time the body has reached its normal level. Yet, weight loss proceeds but at slower rate. Roux-en-Y operations can get extra 250 pounds of body fat within the first year. On the other hand, each patient is varied and weight loss will have different results. - 30558

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