A Houston Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Traffic Accident Victims Recover

By Bruce Westbrook

More than any other personal injury, traffic collisions harm Texans. Up to 3,400 Texans are killed in car wrecks or traffic accidents yearly, and far more suffer injuries, which often are debilitating.


When a car, auto, motorcycle, bus, SUV or truck accident is caused by another person's negligence, victims are entitled by law to full and fair financial compensation for their losses, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Yet gaining such recovery often isn't easy and requires special help - legal help.

Though Texas drivers are required by law to carry car insurance, many do not, including an estimated 15 per cent of Houston drivers. Their car accident victims then must rely on their own insurance company for coverage, and that can be elusive.

As a practice, insurance companies often delay, deny or underpay coverage. Some offer a quick settlement to customers that's far less than what they are really owed.

The alternative? Engage a knowledgeable Houston car accident lawyer who can assess a claim's true value and insist upon the victims getting that complete value from an insurance company. Thousands of Texans for decades have relied upon such help from Jim S. Adler ... Associates.

Based in Houston but with offices also in San Antonio, Channelview and Dallas, the veteran car accident law firm makes greedy insurance companies meet their obligations to customers, even if that means filing a car accident lawsuit.

Yet few cases go to court. In fact, 90 per cent are settled out of court, without litigation. Texans depend on the Houston car accident lawyers of Jim "the Texas Hammer" Adler to gain such results, and the financial recovery to which they are entitled by law. - 30558

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