Learning The Procedure Of Gastric Bypass San Antonio

By Johny Macbreon

Gastric Bypass San Antonio is now becoming the new trend in terms of weight loss to fight the growing number of obese people around the world. Gastric bypass involves reducing the size of the stomach and diverting a part of the small intestine. By having a small stomach, it makes you feel full so much faster after every meal which then contributes to less food intake. The bypassed intestine promotes low calorie absorption of the body. In normal digestion process, the foods pass directly from the stomach to the small intestine where in important nutrients and calories are extracted. The wastes are then routed to the large intestine where it awaits disposal. With no control to how much food and calorie are taken, there is a high risk that one can develop obesity. By the help of this surgery, your eating behavior will be balanced and moderated which as time permits your body will achieve its optimum weight.

There are a few different forms of San Antonio gastric bypass, but the most common is the Roux-en-Y surgery. In this gastric bypass surgery San Antonio, the stomach is reduced by creating a pouch at the top of the stomach. This small pouch is made using a plastic band or surgical staples, and is connected directly to the middle portion of the small intestine. This procedure allows food to bypass the rest of the stomach and the upper part of the intestine.

This procedure is usually done by making a large incision in the abdomen or making a small incision and using instruments and cameras to guide the surgery. The main difference between the two is that one is an open procedure, while the other is laparoscopic. Open procedures are usually done quicker but leave more of a mark, while laparoscopic is a more expensive option.

Any type of surgery involves potential complications so therefore; one must first consider things and think them through before getting under the knife. Factors such as the duration of being obese and age are important to take note to. The condition of the patient prior to the surgery must be thoroughly researched. Some examples are alcoholism, depression and other psychiatric problems. Without proper guidance, one could be at risk of having complications during and after the surgery. Some of these complications are infections, hemorrhages, leakage, gallstones, pulmonary embolism, and nutritional deficiencies. Gastric Bypass may have adverse effect on some people especially those who are suffering from depression. The impact of the change of role of food to them greatly affects their emotional state and psychological thinking. It is important to have the full support of family members in the following months right after the surgery.

After San Antonio gastric bypass is done, usually the patient can recover about 3 to 6 weeks period. One can go back to his normal life and the only thing that will change is the eating habits. Since your stomach is on the process of coping up with the changes, you should eat less food. It is advisable to take in food little by little and chew your food well .The circumstances are, you may feel some piercing pains in your stomach; you even spill out some of your food. It is not also recommended to swallow any liquids before thirty minutes to eating, while eating, or thirty minutes after eating. This is so because your stomach might not take the pressure of the hard food and the liquids in your stomach. Sweet foods are also not suggested like soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream, and juices. Sugars can make your food travel very rapidly throughout the digestive system. Common causes are dizziness, severe diarrhea, and shaking. It is also good to enhance every meal with food supplements.

Last but not least, according to statistics, a bariatric operation has a 98 % of success ratings. Normally, patients who have undergone operation from gastric bypass surgery San Antonio starts reducing their weight rapidly in a period of one year. According to clinical studies, patient that has gone to weight loss surgery reduces more than 30% of their original weight within the four year period . After self- evaluation, you are suitable for a gastric bypass San Antonio; the next thing to do is discuss the matter with your physician. - 30558

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