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By Wilmer Boscoe

An essential part of keeping a nice house is keeping the carpets clean. The hot summers make a perfect breeding ground for the odor causing bacteria in our carpets. Carpets feel great under foot and bring together styles and decor but also catch dirt and insulate the house. By searching you can find commercial and residential services for carpet cleaning in Dallas.

Even when we are not seeing carpets with stains and high used areas there are still tiny organisms living there. Regular maintenance will prevent the micro life from having an environment it likes and thrives in. Everyone stays healthier when a home is clean and there are enough options you can choose to match your budget.

Compare the details of services offered in Dallas, when a company uses a van-mounted cleaning system instead of bringing in a portable unit you will have better results. The water is heated to very hot and a Van mounted unit will carry many times the power of the portables therefore will extract more dirt and water out of the carpet.

Choosing from the list of methods might help you know what you have to work with. The steam cleaning method is used two times a year to ensure you keep a clean carpet. The solutions is sprayed into the carpet with high pressure and slowly applied in small strips. The Van mounted will extract almost all, about ninety five percent, of the water out.

The drying time is around eight hours depending on the airflow in the rooms. Another method is using a buffer type brush that rotates and releases foam. This is useful but not efficient as other methods. The drying time always depends on the amount of water that comes back out when extracted.

There is dry carpet cleaning methods too available here in Dallas. A solvents powder is sprinkled into the carpet. This powder is then allowed to remain on the carpet for 15 minutes and then buffer with 2 rotor heads is used to brush your carpet; this rotating works the powder into the carpet. Then the carpet is vacuumed repeatedly.

Your basic services from Professional Carpet cleaning in Dallas are preconditioning, pre-spotting, carpet grooming, deodorizing, and hot water extraction. You can add on to the service with many companies. Your can have the walk ways, in other rooms, cleaned only, add scotch guard protectorate, rent drying fans, and pay for furniture moving. I think you can find any kind of carpet cleaning in Dallas you desire and the extras also. - 30558

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